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    Long Distance Moving Services

    Are you looking for a long distance moving company from PA to anywhere in the US? Then you have landed in the exact place you need to be to find a Long distance moving Company in PA.

    We strive to provide the best possible interstate and international moving service we can for our customers. Getting the right moving advice in regards to associated services such as packaging, storage, insurance, and other special services can be the difference between a good or bad moving experience for a customer. We want to make sure that your long distance move is handled properly. Our goal is that every customer happily enters their new home, and has had an experience with us that would encourage them to refer us to others.

    Our PA Long distance moving specialists will provide a free moving estimate according to the distance of the move and weight of your household items, using our cube sheet to record your inventory and generate an approximate total weight (each item is assigned a common, average weight value by the cubesheet).

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    Moving household goods and personal possessions over long distances takes a coordinated effort by a team of professionals to ensure a successful move.  Countrywide Moving and Storage continually strives to exceed our customer’s expectations when planning a move. Getting an accurate assessment of your expenses beforehand is crucial to any long distance move. Countrywide Moving and Storage will provide, at your request, a non-binding or binding written estimate. Each has advantages, depending on your situation, so it’s good to understand the difference.

    (Non-binding means final charges are determined by the actual weight of your shipment and services rendered. Because the estimate is simply an approximation of charges, your actual cost may be different.)

    (Binding is a guaranteed price for transporting those items on the table of measurements and for the packing and transportation-related services included on the order for service. However, if you chose to transport something not listed on the original binding estimate or additional services required, the estimate can be revised and charges adjusted accordingly.)

    Countrywide Moving & Storage estimators are trained and skilled professionals – people you can trust to provide you with a reliable estimate of charges and help you to get an affordable price for your budget.

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