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    Need a last minute move?

    The need for relocation is not always foreseen. Sometimes the decision to relocate is made suddenly, and requires prompt implementation- in other words; you need to get moving really quickly!

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    In such a scenario, whom do you turn to in order to ensure quick movement of all your household items – one who will do a job as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining affordable costs? Countrywide Moving & Storage is the answer. Having been in the moving & storage business for over 10 years, we know the importance of urgency in a same day move, while maintaining quality moving services. As professional movers, we are aware that a job not done in time is akin to the job not being done at all.

    Working professionals who often need to be relocated at diverse locations on an urgent basis, perhaps due to an unforeseen situation, often rely on our last minute relocation services. Please know that once Countrywide Moving & Storage is on the move you can simply sit back and let us handle everything. This aspect holds true, irrespective of the distance that you need to cover as far as relocation is concerned.  In fact, we are one of the foremost interstate moving companies, providing coast to coast moving services and packing services, within a very quick time frame.

    In addition to our timeliness, another aspect that we are renowned for – something that easily sets us apart from our interstate moving competitors in the fray— is the quality that we deliver. Often, in the endeavor to move things quickly, there is spoilage and breakage that takes place.  Sometimes, there are items that even get lost altogether while they are being shipped from one location to another.

    With Countrywide Moving & Storage, you can be assured of the supreme quality standards that we maintain at all times. This is in turn made possible by the highly qualified and trained moving professionals that are working for Countrywide. These are individuals who will ensure that the entire gamut of moving services that you require will be met promptly and efficiently, without any damage, breakage, loss or spoilage.

    Further, we would like to inform you that we have partnered with some of the best transportation companies in the business of relocation moving. They in turn have some of the most trained and highly efficient individuals working with them as well, whereby it is assured that all your items reach your destination, problem-free.

    Same Day Moving

    We also specialize in the movement of entire companies. This is especially true in the case of companies moving offices from one location to another, whether intrastate or interstate. It is vital not only that the items reach their destination safely and in order, but that they also reach the correct location. Our experience of relocating entire companies and their offices, with 50 to even 500 and 1,000 plus people holds us in special regard for handling tasks such as this.

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