Things to Know Before Moving a Mobile Home
23 Sep

Things to Know Before Moving a Mobile Home

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Are you planning to move your manufactured home any time soon? There are some things you need to know to make the relocation smooth and stress-free. This is why we have created this useful guide on things to know before moving a mobile home. It is a great advantage to continue living in a home that was tailored to suit your needs. With the right moving crew and moving permits, you will be able to enjoy your old house from a brand new location soon.

Prepare the house for the move

When moving a mobile home, securing all items from moving around during transportation is vital. Pack all of your belongings, such as clothes, souvenirs, books, dishes, toys, linen, etc. But you should also pack heavier items as well, such as furniture, and appliances. You need to transport these items separately, so there is no risk of damage during the transportation itself.

As far as the items that remain inside the house are concerned, it is important to secure them. For example, you need to make sure that the cabinet drawers will not fly open during transport. Or toilet tank lids, and light fixtures. If you have a shower instead of the bathtub, it is wise to secure the shower door from opening. And if possible, it is better to take the shower door off and relocate them separately for maximum safety.

Hire a professional moving company

When moving a mobile home, you really do not have the option for a DIY project. Moving this type of home requires obtaining permits. It also require plenty of experience with driving such a large load on the road. Due to safety considerations, hiring a professional moving and storage company is the only option, and they need to be licensed for moving a manufactured home. If you are in a hurry, opt for a same-day moving service, and find reliable professionals.

Professional Movers Are Loading a Moving Van

How to choose a reliable moving company?

There are several steps you need to undertake to make sure that your moving company is the right one for you.

Ask for referrals – Ask your moving company to provide referrals from the people who moved their houses on a similar route that you are planning to take. Feel free to phone them to ask additional questions if necessary.

Compare several moving companies – It is completely free to get a moving quote for your upcoming relocation. Compare at least three moving quotes and then it will be easier for you to decide which moving company fits your needs best. Use the internet and compare reviews, but be careful and learn how to spot fake moving reviews first.

Get third-party insurance as well

When you hire a moving company, they will offer you a certain insurance policy. Read it carefully to understand all the conditions, and determine whether you need or want additional third-party insurance. You should also check to see whether your current mobile home insurance covers any unlikely event in the case of transporting your home to a different location. We recommend getting additional insurance. This way you will get compensation in case of damage, loss, or another unlikely event.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

There are numerous factors that determine how much will the moving of a manufactured home cost. Here we will lay out some of the most important ones.

Hiring full-service movers or transport movers only – You will have the option to hire full-service movers who take care of disconnecting your home and utilities, and reconnecting everything again at your new destination. This is in addition to transport-only services, which include transporting your home, and obtaining all the necessary permits that the state(s) requires.

Size and weight of the house itself – Needless to say, moving a triple manufactured home will be more expensive than moving a single home. Also, the weight of the house, which can also depend on the furniture, will dictate the final bill as well.

Moving Costs

Long-distance or short-distance relocation – This is an important factor as well in determining the cost. Due to the size of the house, it may not be possible to use all roads, so movers may need to choose longer routes. Also, due to safety concerns, the home may be transported under police surveillance, and some parts of the roads may need to be closed if necessary.

Obtain a moving permit before moving a mobile home

For this, you will need to get the right documentation regarding the house. For starters, you will need a certificate from the county treasurer. This is to prove that there are no taxes due to be paid for the house. If there are, you will first need to pay them off, and then continue with the procedure for moving your house.

The next thing you will need is a certificate of the title for the house. This is to prove the ownership of the house so that you can move it to the desired location.

Once you obtain these two documents, you need to check the state`s laws and obtain any permits necessary in your original state, the state you will be moving to, and the states you will be passing by on your way to your new home. Luckily, your movers can take care of most of these permits, so you will not have to worry too much about it.

Most common mistakes when moving a mobile home

We have seen that moving a mobile home requires plenty of planning, careful preparation, and obtaining the right documents, and all of this can be rather stressful. And mistakes happen when we are under stress.

Some of the most common mistakes when moving to a mobile home include not obtaining moving permits. This can not only prevent you from moving your home, but it can also result in an expensive fine. Furthermore, not securing items in your home during transport can lead to a destroyed interior of the house once it is relocated.

Finally, trying to do the entire relocation all by yourself can only cause additional stress and even a greater need for professional movers.

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