Why Are People Moving from NJ to CA?
21 Mar

Why Are People Moving from NJ to CA?

Relocation is a unique event in a person`s life. However, you can notice patterns in relocations from some states to other. You may ask yourself why are people moving from NJ to CA? New Jersey has become the state out of which a lot of people are moving out from. We will go into detail to explain why people are moving more and more to California and why NJ is not the place to be anymore. If you decide to make this kind of relocation though, make sure to hire professional movers that can make your relocation entirely stress-free because it is possible.

What can you expect from moving from NJ to CA?


Nobody likes to pay taxes. But it is obligatory and people do it anyway. However, the taxes differ from state to state, and normally you want to pay the lesser amount. NJ taxes are smaller than taxes in California, and that alone is enough reason to move from NJ to CA. For example, you would pay 12.40% when it comes to state and local taxes in NJ, but only 8.94% in CA. And also, you would need to spend 6,62% for sales and excise taxes in NJ, while you would only have to spend 5% for the same taxes in CA. Finally, in California, you would pay 0.77% for real estate taxes, while in New Jersey the same taxes cost you 1.89%. While you would pay a lot for taxes in both of these states, taxes are lower in California, that is a fact.


Both California and New Jersey have a high cost of living. A big portion of your salary will go straight to paying bills, mortgages, food, utilities, and entertainment. However, there is a significant difference when it comes to these two states that makes it better to move from NJ to CA. California has a healthier economy and you would find a job easier here. There are a lot of employment opportunities here. For example, California is home to Facebook, Apple, Google, eBay, and other large companies. Also, If you are into acting, Hollywood should be your next stop. Many people flee NJ in order to find a well-paid job in California.


The Mediterranean climate of California is appealing to most people. Everybody wants to enjoy excellent weather all year round. With lower taxes and excellent employment opportunities, a perfect climate comes just like the cherry on the top of a cake, right? The average temperature here is around 70°F but can reach 80°F on the hottest of the summer days. And if you don`t like harsh winters, then California is the perfect place for you, as it rarely gets freezing cold here.

Plenty of outdoor activities

There are over 800 miles of coastline in California, and over 400 miles of mountain ranges in Northern and Southern California. With nearly perfect weather this makes California an excellent place for outdoor activities. Swimming, surfing, jogging, skiing, biking, mountaineering, or virtually any other sport activity you can think of. If you love outdoor activities then you would absolutely enjoy moving from NJ to California.

Surfing in California

What should you do before moving from NJ to CA?

Relocation requires a lot of planning and organization. You will find out that there is simply too much to do and you can never remember it all. So, making a to-do list should be the first thing you do before moving to CA. Write down everything you need to do and follow this list. It will reduce the amount of stress you are under and it will help you manage your relocation like a boss.

Save money for your moving from NJ to CA

As we already mentioned both CA and NJ are expensive states. And we already know that the moving process can be really expensive. So, before spending money make sure that you really spend it on quality equipment, and a professional moving crew. Otherwise, you would have saved your money for nothing. Remember that unexpected things cannot be predicted, but you can prepare by having some extra money in case you need it.


Another way to save money and make your relocation much easier is to declutter. Go through each and every one of the items that you own. Ask yourself whether you are using that item on an everyday basis. If you haven`t used an item in a year, that is it better not to move it to California. It would just cost you extra money. Also, get rid of all the broken, non-functional, old items that you don`t need. Think of this relocation as a perfect opportunity to get rid of everything that you have outgrown, mentally and physically.

Throw a farewell party

Never leave a state without a proper farewell party. Yes, we know that relocation is expensive, tiring, and time-consuming. But you only get to say goodbye once, and you need that kind of closure. Invite your closest friends and family members over and chat the night away. Order some pizza, or any other food without spending too much time and money on the whole organization. Unless you really want to and have time to do it.

Farewell Party Before Moving from NJ to California

Cancel utilities

Amidst all the things you need to do, it becomes easy to forget some of the most important ones. For example, people usually forget to cancel their utilities and set them up in their new homes. Write this down in your to-do list and don`t wait for the last day to do it. Also, remember to change your address, cancel gym and any other memberships, magazine subscriptions, etc.

Hire reliable movers for your moving from NJ to CA

Interstate relocation is best done with reliable movers. Let them calculate the amount of gas you`ll need for the ride to your new home. Let them pack, load, transport, store, unload, and unpack everything for you. It is not a luxury and it can actually save you money having in mind that a professional long distance moving company will not make many mistakes. Avoid moving injuries and have all of your items safe with an insurance plan and enjoy your relocation with an experienced moving crew. Good luck!

Movers Loading a Moving Truck


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