How Much To Tip Movers in 2022
11 Apr

How Much To Tip Movers in 2022

The tip is a reward for a job well done so it only makes sense why everyone loves a good tip. While you’re likely familiar with local customs for tipping in bars and restaurants, you may not be so sure about tipping movers. Because the moving industry is nothing like the dining industry, the tipping customs may be somewhat confusing. Should you tip movers? Is it okay to withhold a tip? How much to tip movers in 2022? Read on to find all the answers regarding tips for your moving crew.

Is it a must to tip movers in 2022?

Tips were never required but they are customary. While tipping a mover for doing a good job is not compulsory, most people choose to offer a tip when they receive good service. In case your moving crew went above and beyond, go ahead and tip them. It’s just polite to show you appreciate their extra efforts by giving a tip. But not all movers are equal. In case you had a bad experience and you had to deal with a rude or unprofessional crew, feel free to withhold the tips.

Do keep in mind that movers have a demanding job. If they help you move house without any trouble, they deserve fair compensation. Everyone could use a bonus so most movers will be more than glad to receive a tip from you. You are, by now, probably heard a lot about hidden moving costs and how to avoid them. Don’t worry about the tips. Will you tip movers or not, it’s up to you.

When do you tip movers?

Besides wondering whether tipping is a must, you may also be unsure about when to tip. You wouldn’t, of course, tip your waiter before you ordered a meal. The same goes for moving services. After the relocation, if you’re happy with the service, go ahead and tip each member of the moving crew. Naturally, poor service shouldn’t be rewarded with extra tips. In case you’re moving to another country, ask beforehand how many teams will be handling your goods. You may want to tip one team at your current home and another team once you arrive at your new home. If that’s the case, tip the first time after they load the truck.

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How much to tip movers in 2022?

Different moves require a different amount of time and effort. Local moves take less time than cross-country ones and moving a 3-bedroom house is nothing like moving a small studio. Depending on the complexity of the move and the level of service you receive, decide what an appropriate tip is. There are some general guidelines for tipping but you are free to make your own calculation. For small and short moves, somewhere in the vicinity of 5%-10% of the total cost is appropriate. For long-distance moves and transporting large or heavy items, you’ll want to go for 15%-20% of the cost of the move. You can always adjust this amount depending on the situation.

For example, you may want to tip more than 20% in case your Conshohocken local movers did an outstanding job and took really good care of awkward or valuable items. On the other hand, you may want to stay around 5% if the level of service was just fine but nothing to write home about. So is there a simple formula you can follow in case you’re still not sure how much to tip? Yes, there is! Tip $5 per hour your helper worked – that’s usually enough for a mover to be a happy camper.

When is it ok not to tip movers?

Hopefully, you’ll choose one of the top-rated movers and get exceptional service. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, it’s fine to withhold the tip. For example, if movers are late or take too long to finish the job without any reason, you don’t have to tip them. If some of your items are lost, broken, or stolen, feel free to withhold your tip. If you happen to deal with rude or unprofessional movers, there is no reason for you to spend extra. Any of these scenarios is a valid reason not to tip because the service you’re tipping for wasn’t actually received. However, don’t make excuses or skip tips for no reason. Forgetting to tip is never cool so make sure you remember to show appreciation when it’s well deserved.

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Do you give separate tips to all movers?

Tipping each member of the crew individually is the safest way for everyone to get their fair share. However, you don’t really have to tip each helper separately. Sometimes, you could just give out the amount you want to tip and let movers share among themselves. In this case scenario, you must make sure you communicate to the person you’re handing the money to that it’s intended for the entire crew. You can let the supervisor know that cash is supposed to be equally shared among all movers. Otherwise, one person may end up with hundred dollars while the rest of the team will go empty-handed. Another thing to keep in mind is that moving companies have nothing to do with tips. They pay their employees and tips are a bonus – they’re entirely up to you. So, you’re responsible for the compensation to end up in the right hands.


As you can see, moving service jobs are not black and white. The amount of cash you give for a tip depends on several factors. You must consider the distance, the complexity of the move, and the level of customer service you received. You can decide to increase, decrease, or completely withhold the tip depending on how the job was performed. Hopefully, this guide helped you learn everything you wanted to know about tipping the workers of a moving and storage company. Now that you’ve learned how much to tip movers in 2022, it’s time to get a free quote! Go ahead and contact your movers and packers at Countrywide Moving & Storage – our moving estimates are complimentary so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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