9 Common Moving Mistakes
22 Mar

9 Common Moving Mistakes

The difference between a smooth and stressful relocation often comes down to whether or not you make common moving mistakes. Relocation certainly comes with more than one challenge to it so it only makes sense that people make many mistakes while planning. Luckily, thanks to moving experts that share their tips and tricks, you too can learn what mistakes are and how to avoid them. To have a stress-free move, you’ll want to read the following guide carefully. You should also reach out to your trusted mover and ask as many questions as you need to make sure you’re making an informed decision. Let’s make the upcoming move simple – read on to learn about 9 common moving mistakes.

Thinking you’ll do it quickly

The mistake that’s seen too often is fooling yourself about the time you need to complete moving tasks. Everything requires time and that includes research about movers, getting estimates, gathering packing supplies, packing, and everything else you must take care of when planning relocation. Packing is certainly your most time-consuming task. And let’s not forget it can be downright boring too. Still, it needs to be done but you must make sure you plan properly. Don’t think you’ll do it quickly and leave everything for the last minute. Start planning a few months before you actually move so you’d have enough time. By progressing little by little and on time, you’ll avoid one of the most common moving mistakes.

Dealing with untrusted movers

Unfortunately, this mistake can cost you much more than being late on moving day. Hiring an unreliable moving company is something that happens more often than one would like to believe. Rogue movers can hold your items hostage until you pay the amount they require. They could also fail to deliver your shipment completely. These are only a few horrible scenarios but there are all sorts of horror stories around us related to rogue businesses. That’s why you must be careful when choosing a mover you’ll trust with your goods. It has to be a licensed company that’s allowed to do business in your area. Do your homework and research thoroughly before signing a contract with your mover.

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Going for the first moving company you come across

While dealing with fraudulent movers is scary, you may feel that you should hire the first licensed professional mover you find. But this is actually one of the most common mistakes when moving. You will want to request at least three different quotes from trusted movers. You will compare their prices and the services you’re getting for your money. Only after comparing several estimates, you’ll be able to make the best decision based on these factors.

Not asking the right questions

The next common mistake when you’re moving is not asking all the important questions. Some information is crucial, such as which services you’re getting, what’s the cancellation policy, is deposit needed, and so on. There’s no other way for you to know these things than to ask so be sure to reach out to your mover and inquire about all the important things regarding your cooperation.

Poor packing methods

Not following correct packing methods leaves you exposed to all sorts of issues. For example, overpacking cardboard boxes will most certainly lead to breaking and damaging your items. Using poor-quality materials to pack valuable items is also something you should avoid. These are only a few examples but there are many extremely important moving and packing tips you could follow. In case you don’t think you’re up to the task, it’s better you leave the job to professionals.

Not labeling boxes

Another common moving mistake is forgetting to label your moving labels. Knowing how to label boxes for moving is crucial for a smooth relocation. A huge pile of boxes without labels will leave you clueless once you reach your new home. You’ll have to dig through every single box in order to find a single item. That’s why you should always label each moving box. You can do so either by using ready-made labels or simply using a sharpie and writing “fragile” on several sides of the box.

Forgetting about insurance

Regardless of what type of moving service you choose, you must remember to get coverage too. Although you’ll receive basic coverage if you hire professional movers, you should consider getting additional insurance. The reason is that limited liability will not be sufficient when you’re moving valuable items so always check out all insurance options when moving house.

Canceling services too late

The mistake you’ll definitely want to avoid is waiting to cancel services and subscriptions until it’s too late. You should reach out to all the providers you’re getting services from so you’d arrange for them to be transferred to your new home. In some cases, you’ll have to cancel and find a new provider after you move.

Leaving the mess behind you

The last common mistake when moving has to do with your current home’s condition. Leaving the mess behind you leaves a very bad impression and is not something the next person should handle. After all, you’ll also want your new home to be nice and tidy upon your arrival. In case you don’t have the time to clean yourself, go ahead and schedule professional cleaning services. They’ll come after you take all the belongings out and tidy up your home so that’s it’s nice and fresh for the next person.

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Hopefully, this simple guide will teach you how to identify and avoid common moving mistakes. Most of those come from not being informed enough. Luckily, now you have the knowledge necessary to carry out a successful move. As always, the best way to avoid moving mistakes is to hire a trusted mover. The Countrywide Movers are at your service. Our moving estimates are complimentary so don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Let’s get connected and start planning your relocation together.

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