8 Moving And Packing Tips
19 May

8 Moving And Packing Tips

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The moving and packing processes can be seen as the most dreadful things that ever happened to you, or as something you can achieve with ease. Our opinion is that with the right tips you can do anything. This is why we have created this useful guide with the ultimate moving and packing tips. Instead of feeling lost in the sea of endless chores and tasks, you can be on top of your game with the right organization and just a little bit of effort. Let us see how you can make your relocation go smoothly.


Start on time

The best thing you can do for your relocation is to start preparing on time. Moving and packing take time, and you should always be prepared for unexpected events. Even with the best organization, it is better not to wait for things to go wrong. Instead, start preparing for the relocation as soon as you learn about the exact date of it. For starters, you should make an extensive to-do list. Write down absolutely everything you need to do, and tick off the things as you finish them. This will help you psychologically, as you will feel satisfaction and motivation to continue ticking off the things on your list. Not to mention the fact that you will know exactly what to do next.


Investigate every single item that you possess. Relocation is the best time in the world to do that. Throw away, donate, or sell the items you no longer need. Old clothes, toys, books, souvenirs are a part of your former life. Keep only the things that you use on an everyday basis, and an occasional souvenir. Instead of taking all the items that remind you of a certain period, photograph them and store the photos on your PC. This will save you a lot of money for your relocation. Plus, you won`t need to pack the items into the moving boxes. Did we mention that you will be able to earn money as well if you decide to sell the items you no longer need?

Cluttered Clothes On The Bed

Define the budget and stick to it

Once you decide exactly which items will make it to your new home, you can define the budget. Moving away can be rather expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save money during relocation. You should set aside the money for things you will need, like a moving company, packing supplies, gas, etc., and for unexpected events. For example, if you are moving to a new state and you don`t have a job there yet, you need to have enough money to cover your expenses during the first few months of living there.

Hire professionals

The further you move away, the more you need the assistance of a reliable moving and storage company. They will help you pack everything in less than a day, transport your items safely, and unpack them in no time at your new home. Needless to say, this truly does keep the stress out of the moving equation. One of the best moving and packing tips is to have someone assist you with all the hard work, as you have so much on your mind. If you are moving on a budget, you don`t have to hire professionals. Call your friends and family members to help you out. You can even organize a packing party where everyone will help you pack your items while listening to music, eating snacks, and having fun.

Pack wisely

Packing is a skill that you will master by the time you have packed your last moving box. Remember that there are packing boxes in various sizes. Small, medium, large boxes, boxes for mirrors, or custom-sized boxes can only take as many items in themselves. Use small and medium boxes for heavier items such as books, fine china, dishware, and similar items. Never pack the boxes to the top, as you risk damaging the box due to the weight of the items. Large boxes should be used for lighter items such as linen, sheets, towels, clothes.

Packing Boxes In Various Sizes

Always label the moving boxes

If you pack a moving box and say that you will label it afterward, then you are making a mistake. This is because it is too easy to forget what exactly did you pack in a moving box, as after a while they all start looking the same to you. So, as soon as you put the items in a moving box, label the box. Write the content on the box, and the room in which it should go to. When packing fragile items, write Fragile on at least three sides so that neither you nor the movers Aston PA can miss out on the fact that the items can be easily damaged.

Pack an essentials box for your relocation

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The essentials box is a box that contains everything that you will need on the day of the move, as well as during the first 24 hours after you move. This means that the essentials box is your best friend on a moving day. Pack your phone chargers, keys, wallet, and important documents in it. Furthermore, pack clean clothes, a towel, toothpaste, and a showering gel. Also, this box should contain any medication you might need during the relocation. And when you arrive at your new home, you don`t have to dig through the moving boxes to find soap and a clean towel to refreshen yourself.

Try not to stress out about moving and packing

Not stressing out at all is not possible, and we know that. However, you can try to have a positive outlook on what is waiting for you. Remember that soon you will be able to enjoy your new home. Also one of the most important things is not to stop seeing your friends, working out, eating healthy food, or anything else that makes you happy. Moving is a big step forward in your life, and stressing out will only reduce the beauty of it. Good luck!


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