How to Pack Fragile Items for Long-Distance Moves
16 Apr

How to Pack Fragile Items for Long-Distance Moves

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Long-distance moving represents quite a venture, especially if you don’t have any prior experience on the matter. In addition, packing is the most critical part of the process since breakages often happen, whether it’s a short distance or long-distance move. Even if you choose the most outstanding moving company you can find, unproperly packed items can give you quite a headache. In order to avoid unwanted breakages and hassle, we advise reading the following text on how to pack fragile items.


1. When to Pack Fragile Items

We recommend packing breakable objects last after you’ve already packed everything else. Why? Well, delicate items require more care resulting in more time. However, don’t forget to save up a day for packing fragile items. Most user reviews state that they had enormous problems with time since packing fragile items is a timely process that requires a lot of time, money, and attention.

2. Cushions

Besides bubble wrap and newspaper, consider using cushions while packing alongside tissue paper. This is an economical alternative to expensive materials that will do the same thing. Remember to pack tightly. Obtaining the proper packing materials is crucial in order to prevent damage and breakages.

3. The Right Box

Choosing the correct type of box is crucial, especially when it comes to fragile items. You can pack right but use the wrong size of the box resulting in breakage. We recommend using dish packs that possess thicker cardboard ideal for withholding breakable items.

4. Plates and Glass

Packing Glasses for Moving

The term fragile items refers to a wide range of objects, including various delicate kitchenware like plates and glasses. Since the objects mentioned above are the most common when it comes to packing up fine articles, catch the following tips:

Packing Plates

  • Use small or medium boxes.
  • Pack plates vertically
  • Line the packing boxes with paper(crumbled) on the top and at the bottom
  • Wrap each piece in bubble wrap before placing them in the box

Every box should contain up to five plates for maximum security, especially if you’re packing more significant pieces

Packing Glasses

Glasses are one of the most delicate household items because of their shape and size. Hence, try to be cautious while packing:

  • Wrap each glass in wrapping paper before placing them in small or medium boxes.
  • Fill up the remaining space with bubble wrap. It’s essential to layer any empty space with a cushion or bubble wrap to prevent any possible damages.

5. Fine China

Breakable Items

Fine China pieces should be wrapped in clean paper before any further packing. Don’t hesitate to use several paper sheets starting from the corner while wrapping diagonally and taking extra care of any exposed corners. You can even use double wrapping just to be safe. Again, feel free to use all the cushions and bubble wrap you own.

6. Electronics

Objects like flatscreen TVs are tough to pack, especially if you don’t own the original packing. We must state that the same thing goes for all bulky electronics you own, including computers, various gaming pads, and expensive music sets. As mentioned before, try to obtain the original packaging and fill it up with cushions or bubble wrap.

If that’s not the case, use high-quality boxes. Consider putting peanut paper around the mentioned object. Wrap the TV in packing paper and tape it all around the item to be extra safe. Now, place the object in the box. Please make sure you close and seal the box correctly, so it doesn’t move. Don’t make the mistake of putting more similar objects in one container, meaning you should pack every electronic device separately.

7. Lamps

Bulky lamps are extremely hard to pack because of their dimensions. We recommend disassembling them and packing every part separately. Don’t forget to take the lightbulb out. Again, fill any gaps with peanut paper, cushions, or bubble wrap. Seal it properly with ducktape.

8. Special Items

Special items like antiques and unconventionally shaped objects are among the most complicated things for packing. Remember to consider the dimensions and find the most oversized boxes you can get. Bubble wrap and solid duck tape are a must when it comes to packing oddly shaped objects. As for the antiques, there are various guides and tips online on how to pack them up properly.

9. Hire Professional Help

Besides professional moving services, consider hiring a firm that will pack the items for you. If you possess large, fragile, oddly shaped objects and aren’t sure whether you can pack them correctly, we recommend hiring professionals to do it for you. These moving companies will adjust to your schedule and will only pack what you tell them to. Certified packing companies own experienced crews that went thru proper education on how to deal with fragile objects. Some even offer various discounts if you book their services on time.


Long-distance moving requires a lot of planning, especially when it comes to fragile items. In addition, you can hire the most professional moving service and experience breakages if you don’t pack up your valuable and delicate items properly. A couple of factors will help with handling fragile items, including a lot of planning, obtaining suitable packing materials (cushions, bubble wrap, newspaper), choosing the right type and size of the box, etc.

Fragile items mostly include plates and glasses, fine china, electronics(flats screen TV, computers, bulky music sets, gaming consoles), lamps, special items like antiques, and unconventionally shaped objects, etc. If you don’t have prior experience on the matter, consider hiring professional services that will pack fragile items mentioned above for you.

Those who opt out for professionals should explore the market thoroughly and choose a certified company that offers insurance, accentuates the client’s needs, and holds reputable customer service support.


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