How to Label Boxes for Moving
17 Jun

How to Label Boxes for Moving

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Relocation is all about transporting your items safely from point A to point B. When you settle in your new home, you must unpack efficiently, so that you can begin with your new life as soon as possible. One of how you can make your relocation and post-relocation period easier is to properly label boxes for moving. This is why we have created this useful guide on how to label boxes for moving. If you are moving in a hurry, or simply don`t want to hassle with labeling the boxes, feel free to contact professional movers.


Prepare the necessary equipment for labeling

Labeling boxes is quite simple, and you won`t need too much stuff to do it right. Here is what you will need to label the moving boxes correctly.

  • Permanent markers — High-quality, waterproof, permanent markers are your best friends when it comes to labeling. Depending on whether you will use multiple colors when labeling you may need several markers in different colors. It is vital that markers are waterproof, as moving in bad weather will not ruin your labels.
  • Labels — You can simply print out labels from the Internet and use them for your labeling system. Just choose the best size for your box.
  • Tape — You will need tape to tape the labels on your moving boxes.
  • Moving boxes — All of this is nothing without the moving boxes, of course. You can use moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. Just make sure that they are sturdy, high-quality, and clean. You don`t have to buy them, check out Craigslist for some free moving boxes. Or you can head out to your nearest grocery store to get some moving boxes completely for free.

The color-coding system for labeling moving boxes

One of the most common systems for labeling moving boxes is the color-coding system. For this occasion, you will need several markers in different colors. Assign each color to a specific room. For example, blue can be for the bathroom, yellow can be for the kitchen, violet can be for the living room. You can use black color for the basement, and green for the garage. Of course, it is entirely up to you and your imagination which color should be for each room. When in your new home, you should place labels of the corresponding colors on a door so that the movers can match the color of the box to the door label. Write down the contents or the room name on the moving box, and that`s it.

Color Pens For Labeling The Boxes For Moving

The number-coding system for labeling moving boxes

Another useful way to label moving boxes is to use the number-coding system for labeling moving boxes. Simply write numbers on the moving boxes starting from #1. Then, on your inventory list mark the number of the box in which the item is. In this way, you will not waste time writing items on the inventory list and the moving box. And you will be able to find what you need fast. For this, you will need to print out and make several copies of the inventory list. Because losing the inventory list means that you will be left only with numbers on the moving boxes. Also, you should write the room in which the box will go to on the moving box.

Priority coding

Another way to make your life easier is to use priority coding. Even if you are relocating only the things that are fully functioning, and in use, you cannot use them all at once. Some items are seasonal like clothes and gardening tools, and others are necessary throughout each day, like toiletries. Depending on what items you will need first, label the boxes with H, M, or L. H stands for High Priority, M for Medium Priority, and L for Low Priority. Although this is not the primary coding system, it is an organizational hack, that will save you a lot of time, as you can unpack the L boxes in a week, or a month.

Labeling boxes that contain fragile items

Labeling boxes is useful as it will save you time, and you will know exactly which box should go where. But, in the case of transporting fragile items correctly labeling boxes can prevent damage and save your items. You should write FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, and/or THIS SIDE UP on a box that contains fine china, glasses, electronic devices. or other fragile items. To make this labeling system most effective, you should label the box on at least three sides. This will leave no doubt as to whether the box contains fragile items. Ideally, you should use a black or red marker for labeling such boxes.

Moving boxes containing fragile items

When should you label the moving boxes?

The right time for labeling the moving boxes is as soon as you pack and seal them. If you label them before you even pack them, there is a lot of room for a change of plans. You may decide that another item will fit better into the moving box, and the box will end up in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. On the other hand, if you pack them and decide to label the boxes after a while, chances are you won`t remember what exactly is in the moving box. Hence, label the boxes as soon as you pack them, as this is the best and most efficient way to label them. After you have finished this, you can rest assured that the hardest part of labeling is finished.

Professional movers load a truck

Hire professional movers if necessary

Having someone to help you with packing and labeling the moving boxes is great. A team of professionals can do this for you in a fast, efficient, and time-saving way. If you don`t have time to do everything right, simply let the reliable local movers give you a hand. Relocation can be as stressful as we let it be. With the right organization, supreme moving tips, and hacks, and a good mood, everything can be achieved with ease. Good luck!


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