How to Avoid Moving Injuries
10 Feb

How to Avoid Moving Injuries

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Accident-free relocation is non-negotiable for moving experts. Professional moving companies will always take necessary measures of precaution, apply safety lifting techniques, and use professional moving equipment to make the process as safe as possible. So how can you do the same when having a DIY move? Are there tools you can use and techniques you can apply to have injury-free relocation? Eth answer is yes! With a few tips from moving specialists and a few helping hands, you too can move house without using a first-aid kit. Read on to learn how to avoid moving injuries.

Never do it completely alone

Having a DIY move doesn’t mean you should actually do all the work completely alone. Before you start loading and transporting your belongings, you’ll need to find a few helping hands. The reason is that lifting, carrying, and loading heavy and bulky items by yourself it’s almost certain you’ll end up with injuries. So a few willing friends or family members will make all the difference and help you have an injury-free relocation. In case you can’t find anyone near you available on your moving day, there’s no reason to panic.

You can still have a DIY move with just a tiny bit of professional help. Going for moving labor is a quick fix in this case. You can hire any number of helpers to help you out with any tasks and only pay for the time they spend assisting you. Since you’ll be paying an hourly rate, you’ll get an inexpensive and efficient way to handle your bulky or heavy items.

Professional moving equipment

When you’re doing all the work on your own, you’ll want to get all the help you can. But this section doesn’t actually relate to the help you‘ve just read about. It has to do with handy professional moving equipment and packing supplies. There are so many tools out there that will make your move safer and let alone efficient. The choice of equipment depends entirely on your preference and what kind of items you’re moving but you’ll want to check out some movers’ favorite tools. To start with, a moving dolly aka furniture dolly is definitely worth checking out. A Moving Dolly - A great Tool For Relocation

This is arguably the most important piece of any mover’s equipment. The moving dolly will help you push large and heavy items instead of carrying them, making the process so much safer and easier. Then you may want to get furniture sliders, moving straps, and other items to make the job faster and easier on your back. Hiring moving equipment can also be easy on your wallet, just rent it out instead of purchasing.

Accident-free lifting and carrying

Another important thing to pay attention to in order to avoid moving injuries is the way you lift and carry your belongings. It is one of the most important packing tips for your local or long-distance move. Safety lifting techniques are an absolute must for accident-free relocation. To start with, keep your back straight and bend your knees when picking up a moving box from the floor. You’ll use the strength of your legs instead of putting pressure on your back. Then, keep the box close to your chest and get up slowly and carefully.

It is also a good idea to follow this technique but to get down on one knee while you’re picking up the box. Always keep the box close to your body while you’re carrying it. Also, make sure you don’t twist the upper part of the body, rather turn the entire body if necessary while carrying the box.

Sturdy containers

Whether you’re going for traditional moving boxes or plastic moving containers, makes sure they’re in good condition. Boxes must be sturdy enough to hold the items inside without breaking from the weight. In case the box is worn out and not sturdy enough, it can break and all the content will end up on your feet. This is a sure recipe for injuries so check each container before you use it to pack your items. In case you have some old boxes you’d still like to use, go ahead and pack soft goods inside them. That can be your bedding, clothing, or anything else that’s made of fabric and won’t cause an injury in case of breaking and falling on your feet.

Clothes Packed In Plastic Containers Will Help You Avoid Moving Injuries

Check the weight

Before you lift the box, try to get a feel of its weight. If it seems too heavy, don’t attempt to lift it and hurt your back. Instead, find another person to help you or break it down into two smaller boxes. You could also use a moving dolly for your heavy containers. Not overpacking your boxes is the best way to avoid moving injuries. It’s also important you don’t overpack the box because this is likely to cause it to break and you’ll have your items on the floor and damaged. Or even worse, you’ll have an item falling on your feet. For this reason, you must pay attention not to make the box too heavy. In case you’re packing heavy items like books, go for smaller boxes.

Have a clear exit path

The next important thing to do for an accident-free move is to clear the path from your starting point to the moving truck. Create an exit plan in advance and make sure it’s completely free of obstacles. That means you must remove any pieces of furniture standing in your way as well as home décor. Miscellaneous items should also be removed and your patio and front yard should not be overlooked. There may be some fallen leaves you could trip over or there may be snow or ice you must clean before passing. You should have enough space to pass through all the doors with your items and have a completely obstruction-free exit path.

Professional Movers Are Loading The Moving Van

Have a first-aid kit on hand

Eventually, you must keep in mind that accidents are possible even with the best preparation and careful approach. That’s why you should have the first-aid kit on hand, just in case.

Hire a moving company

As always, getting a professional moving and storage company to do the job for you is the best way to avoid moving injuries. After all, you won’t be taking part in any physical work so you’d be absolutely sure that you won’t get injured. Moving crew can pack and transport all of your household items, and provide the same day moving service, so you can just sit back and relax, enjoying a stress-free relocation. If you’re looking for a trusted mover to help you with your local moving or commercial moving, check out Countrywide Moving and Storage. At CWMAS, we provide complimentary in-house estimates! Go ahead and contact us to receive your free moving quote.

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