How to Move a Refrigerator
24 Nov

How to Move a Refrigerator

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Moving appliances can be difficult because not only they’re valuable but they’re heavy and bulky at the same time. Buying a new household appliance is often a huge investment. So naturally, you’ll want to move your fridge safely and avoid any damage. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a new one and add another expense to your move. Since risking fridge damage is not an option, you can hire professional movers to do the job for you. Or, you can follow their tips on how to move a refrigerator. Hiring a moving company is the easiest and safest way to move a fridge. Although the DIY option is probably less expensive, it all depends on the specific situation.

You have to consider the cost of renting a moving vehicle and the gas money. Also, you have to make sure that you have enough helping hands to move a fridge without professional assistance. You can also hire moving labor and pay an hourly rate instead of going for full-service movers. In case you prefer to do things yourself or need to stay on budget, make sure you follow our guide on how to move a refrigerator.


Read the manual

Before you do anything else you should find an instruction manual and check if there are any specific steps you should take when moving your fridge. The manual may contain specific instructions for cleaning, unplugging, or anything else you’ll have to deal with during relocation. In case you don’t have the original manual, check online or with a store you got a fridge from.

Empty and clean

Before you take the fridge out, you’ll have to prepare it for moving and gather the necessary tools and supplies. Start by defrosting and make sure to do so in advance. Otherwise, you risk leaking and that’s something you can avoid. Before you unplug it, take all the food out, and don’t forget the food from your freezer as well. If you’re wondering what to do with all the food, go ahead and create a plan for each day until the moving day. That way you’re not going to waste groceries. Take out all the food from the fridge and unplug it. Then, clean the inside of the fridge with the baking soda-water mixture and wait for a couple of hours. After you’re done with the defrosting, clean the fridge again. Wipe all the moist residue or place a moisture absorbent inside to make it easier.

A Woman Is Cleaning A Fridge

Create an exit strategy

When you’re moving big appliances you’ll always want to have a plan. So, work out all the details before the actual moving takes place. The same goes when you have to move a refrigerator. Measure the appliance as well as doors, corridors, elevators, or any other space you need to go through from your starting point to the moving truck. If your fridge is too big to fit through comfortably, you’ll have to adjust the plan and remove doors or find an alternative exit route. Next, the pathway must be clear and you shouldn’t have any obstacles that could make you trip so remove your home décor, furniture pieces, or anything else posing the risk of injury.

Get a moving dolly

When moving heavy appliances you should always get all the help you can – including helpers but also professional equipment. Your most important piece of equipment is a moving dolly. It will allow you to push the weight instead of carrying it. All professional movers use dollies so take their word for it and don’t try lifting or carrying your fridge. Go ahead and rent instead of buying to stay on budget. You and one more person should be able to load the refrigerator. But, depending on the size you may need another helper. To load it onto the dolly, you’ll have one person tilt the fridge forward in order to slide the front part of the dolly underneath.

Then you’ll want to tilt the dolly and the fridge back to the original position and let physics do the job. Once you load the fridge, make sure to use moving straps to keep it in place. All of these steps are for safety purposes because they’ll protect you and your items. Don’t try to be a hero and carry appliances yourself. Especially since it’s so easy to get the equipment made to help you when you’re moving. The dolly allows you to move extremely heavy items without breaking your back and it’s an absolute must when it comes to fridge relocation.

Movers Are Moving A Refrigerator By Using A Moving Dolly

Load and secure

Now that the fridge is secured on the dolly, it’s time to load it into the moving truck − the easiest way is to keep it on the dolly and use plywood to push it into the truck. When it’s inside, use straps again so the dolly wouldn’t move while in transit, and use plywood again to unload it easily when you reach your destination. Keep the fridge at an upright position at all times and shift it at a maximum of 45 degrees.

Give it some time before plugging in

Once you’ve safely arrived at your new home and offloaded the fridge in its designated place, avoid plugging in immediately. The fridge should be left for some time before plugging in and you’ll find the required time in the manual. If you have any food that may be spoiled until the fridge is running again, go ahead and find an alternative way to store it – a cooler is usually a good option.

Hopefully, our step-by-step guide will help you move the fridge smoothly. Choosing a DIY option is fine but of course, the most convenient way to move a refrigerator is to hire professional moving services. At Countrywide Moving and Storage, our crew has all the professional equipment together with the experience necessary to make your move dead simple. We’re at your service so feel free to reach out to us for your same day moving and receive a free moving quote.

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