Moving from NJ to NYC: Tips and Hints
21 Jan

Moving from NJ to NYC: Tips and Hints

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Some people move to New York City for job opportunities. Others move for a love of the unique lifestyle it offers. Moving house is always exciting but even a local move puts a lot of stress on a person. Moving to another state or country can be even more stressful. Relocation from NJ to NYC may seem easy since the Garden State is right next to New York State. However, there are challenges to every relocation so thoughtful preparation is necessary for a successful moving process. If you’re thinking about moving from NJ to NYC, here is some useful info as well as some tips and hints that should help you prepare for a new lifestyle better.


Prices in NYC are old news. The City is notoriously famous as one of the most expensive places in the world. And while New Jersey is not exactly a cheap place to live, it is still cheaper compared to Big Apple. So, when moving from New Jersey to New York City, you should definitely prepare yourself for some hefty price tags. The fact usually comes as a shock when you start searching for an apartment and you see how expensive rent in NYC is. But we’ll write a bit more about rent in the next section. Another thing that concerns your budget after relocation has to do with taxes.

When it comes to this subject, income taxes are generally higher in NYC than what you’re used to when working in New Jersey. However, you shouldn’t judge only based on general data. There are different things that affect your income tax. It’s safe to say that both states have some of the highest income taxes in the USA. However, there is one draw of relocating to The City and that’s property taxes. This is one thing that’s more affordable in Big Apple. The effective property tax rate is just 0.88% while New Jersey homeowners pay an incredible 2.42% tax rate. Once you compare this to the national average of 1.07%, it’s easy to see how low New York City’s property taxes are.

Home size

Here’s one of the cons of moving to NYC from NJ – home sizes. Take the tip from seasoned New Yorkers. Be diligent at decluttering your home and only bring what you truly need when moving to Big Apple. Most New Yorkers are skilled at keeping their possessions at a minimum since living quarters are so tiny. While there are definitely beautiful and spacious places for rent, most people can’t afford them. So, an average NYC resident will learn to make the best out of a small place.

A Small Apartment Interior

Now here’s another hint: the expression “small home” gets to a whole level in NYC. Your home size will likely feel like a shoebox. It may feel claustrophobic at first but there is also a nice side to it. You’ll spend more time outside enjoying everything this amazing city has to offer. People in NYC are used to eating out, walking, meeting friends, and generally just taking in all the wonders of the City That Never Sleeps. So if you’re too concerned about your tiny home, it’s a good idea to think about how much time you’ll spend being out and about.



If you’re working in NYC and you were commuting from NJ until now, you’ll probably be excited that you don’t have to spend a fair amount of time on your daily commute. Besides the daily expenses, there is also a factor of time so the commute is definitely anything but fun. But you must keep in mind how big New York City is. You’ll still have to commute to work each day. Of course, how long you spend in commute will depend on where in NYC you live and where your new (or current) job is located.

People at An NYC Subway Station

The good news when moving from NJ to NYC is that you could alleviate some of the cost and time by checking if your employer is willing to allow you to work remotely a couple of days a week (of course, if your profession allows for such a thing). Most employers are more open to these suggestions nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic so working from home can be a win-win situation.


Everybody agrees on one thing − nothing compares to New York City. Simply put, you can’t recreate the NYC lifestyle in another place. Its unique vibe is something to truly appreciate when you move here from New Jersey. One of the biggest benefits of living in NYC, especially if you choose to relocate to Midtown is that you are right in the center of happenings. Big Apple is the cultural capital of the world. So, you’ll enjoy the world’s renowned art scene, music, entertainment, food, or smaller-scale events. Living in the City That Never Sleeps will bring a change of lifestyle and before you know it, you may find yourself not wanting to ever leave. This, of course, depends completely on the lifestyle you want. So, the change may come as a blessing or maybe completely the opposite.

Guggenheim Museum NYC - A rich NYC culture scene would be one of the best advantages when moving from NJ to NYC

Hire professional movers

If you’re one of the millions of people who decide to call NYC home, you’ll want a reliable and efficient moving company to ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new home. Countrywide Moving and Storage may be your best ally. We will handle your move from New Jersey to New York City so you can have a completely stress-free moving experience. We offer a wide range of regular and special moving services and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and to create a personalized moving plan while keeping your needs our top priority. Our assistance starts with a complimentary, in-home moving cost estimate so go ahead and contact us to request your free quote today!

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