What to pack first when moving house?
10 May

What to pack first when moving house?

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Packing becomes easy once you know how to properly pack your items for relocation. But, the packing process is not just about the packing experience. You should know in which order to pack your items so that you don`t end up needing something you packed a week ago. This is why we have created this useful guide on what to pack first when moving house.


Moving to a different location means that you would need to physically relocate every single item you own. You will have to carefully pack the items in high-quality material, organize transportation, and hire people to help you, just so you can use them in your new house. The question is, are all items worth the effort and money? Decluttering is one of the best moving tips for your local or long-distance move. Think of your relocation as a perfect opportunity to surround yourself only with the highest-quality items you have, only with the items you use frequently, and that function properly. The rest of the items you can throw away, donate, or even sell and earn some money along the way.

Create an inventory list

Once you have removed all the items you don`t want to relocate, you should proceed to create an inventory checklist. This checklist will be useful to your moving and storage service as well. It will give you an idea of what to pack first when moving house. Also, it’ll give you an idea of what to pack last.

Creating An Inventory List For Moving


When it comes to the question of what to pack first when moving house, it is important to start from the rooms that you don`t use as often. If you live in a house with an attic, chances are your attic is full of dusty items you’ll have to pack. Usually, items of sentimental value are placed in the attic. Old photos, toys, and souvenirs have no use in your daily, practical life. So, you should pack them first. You will not need to use them during relocation. But they still have a sentimental value and you want to keep them with you no matter where you live.


The garage is also one of the first rooms you should pack when moving. In the garage people usually keep car-related products that are not used on an everyday base. So, they are safe to be packed first. Also, if you keep your gardening tools and equipment here, you can pack them as well.

Getting A Garage Ready For Moving


Admiring art in one`s own house is invaluable. Paintings, figurines, sculptures, and other pieces of artwork give a whole different dimension to your home. When packing artwork for relocation you must be well-rested and still enthusiastic about packing. That is why it is better to pack your art first when moving house. You won`t need those items until you move into your new home, and you can store them with other packed belongings in a safe place at your home.

Fine china

If you have plenty of fine china, delicate glasses, and dishes, we highly suggest that you pack them early in the moving process. Obtain enough cushioning material such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, and painter`s tape. Also, if possible, use a moving box with cell dividers inside, so that you can safely pack dishes and glasses of the finest material. Don`t forget to label these boxes as fragile and mention which side goes up and which side goes down.

Seasonal items

Seasonal items such as tools, clothes, swimming or skiing equipment, etc. are high on the list of items you need to pack first when moving. Since you do not use them frequently, you can simply pack them inside moving boxes and they will remain at the same spot until the moving day arrives. You can decide to pack all those items well before the moving day and store them in the attic, basement, garage, or any other spare room that you have.


Jewelry is one of the most beautiful ways to express your personality and complement your outfit. Once you relocate to your new house, you will be able to wear your favorite jewelry pieces with renewed joy. Until then, jewelry, apart from a few pieces you will wear daily, can be packed among the first things when moving house.


If you love books and have plenty of books in your house, we know that you plan to relocate most, if not all of them. It is hard to part with books. If you have enough space to accommodate them at your new destination, nothing will stop you from it. Pick two or three books that you will read during the moving period, and you can pack the rest of them in moving boxes. Always choose small or medium-sized moving boxes for books. The reason for this is that books are quite heavy and can easily tear the moving box apart if there are too many books inside of one box.

Packing Books For Moving

Extra bedding

We usually have plenty of linen, towels, sheets, and bedding. So much that we store them in a closet and even forget about some pieces. Luckily, you can pack all of these items first now, as you won`t need them during your relocation. And once you arrive at your new home, you will be able to unpack perfectly clean bedding and use it as soon as you relocate.

Games and toys

You should leave your kids` favorite games and toys unpacked until the very last day. But, you can pack a majority of these items early in the moving process. No one plays with all games and toys during the day. On the contrary, when you remove more than half of these items from your kids’ surroundings, they may focus better on the toys and games that are left. As the moving day approaches, pack the rest of the items in moving boxes.

What to pack last when moving house?

We have answered the question about what to pack first on a moving day. But you should also know what to pack last when moving house. It is all a part of professional packing tips for your local or long-distance move. Pack your essentials bag the night before the moving day. This bag should contain your phone chargers, important documents, and clothes and toiletries you will be using for the first 24 hours upon relocation. This bag is a game-changer and will make moving short-distance and long-distance moving so much easier.


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